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Millefiori rosaries.
Millefiori has been know since roman times and the beads were then called mosaic beads.
The term "millefiori" comes from italian "mille" "thousand" and "fiori" "flowers" and indeed millefiori beads are remiciant of a flowering garden.
The rosary wasn´t and isn´t meant to be worn.
With its five decades, ten Hail Marys and one The Lords Prayer, the rosary is an aid to focus devotion, meditation and attention on communication with the Divine.
The rosary is sacred to the Virgin Mary.
Hårbøjler For children
Millefiori rosaries  for children.
150,00 DKK
150,00 DKK
150,00 DKK
Little flower
150,00 DKK
Lisa Borup